Mandala Art for Beginners | About, Symbolism and Usage

Symbolism in a Mandala — Traditionally these mandalas include the presence of Buddha’s mind in an abstract form in the form of a tree, jewel, wheel, flower, etc. The center is a dot symbol which represents free of dimensions. The dot is interpreted as the starting point, beginning of contemplation and devotion to divine. The dot is surrounded by lines and geometrical patterns that depict as the Universe and encompassed by the outer circle which represents the cyclical nature of life. As you read so far, you find that Mandalas are a lot related to one’s spiritual and inner life. Yes, it is.

The most common symbols included in a Mandala are:

Wheel with Eight Spokes — It represents the Noble Eight-fold path in Buddhism.

Bell — It represents the openness and emptying of mind to allow wisdom and clarity to enter.

Triangle — When drawn facing upwards, it represents the action and energy. When drawn downwards, it represents the creativity and knowledge.

Lotus Flower — It depicts the balancing in life.

Sun — The Sun symbolizes the Universe.

Mandalas are used in variety of ways in religious traditions, meditations and in modern contexts. Completing a mandala can take weeks. Mandalas are used in healing circles. These circles are associated with restoration of body, mind and heart. Mandalas are also found in Dream Catchers. In Yoga, mandalas are used as a signification of a sacred space which helps to shut away all the external influences. The process of creating mandalas is considered and experienced as a transformative practice that is intended to restore inner peace and wisdom within a human.

Other Indian folk art include Mural, Madhubani, Warli, Phad, etc. So stay tuned to my blog for upcoming blog posts about those paintings. Thank You!

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Krishna Arun

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